1. Manuscript typed using Microsoft Word program with 1.15 spacing distance, using Times and New Roman 12, quarto size paper (A4), maximum 15 pages and verified in softcopy.
  2. Articles include articles about research, conceptual, analytical and theoretical applications, literary changes, new books and practical writing.
  3. Systematic articles with research results: title of the author (without academic degree), abstract, keywords. The contents of the article at least consist of: an introduction that contains the background and / or scope of the article; .Bibliography.
  4. Systematic article of research results: title of author (without academic degree), abstract containing objectives, methods and research results, keywords. The contents of the article consist of: introductions containing backgrounds and objectives, problems, research methods, literature review or theoretical studies, results and discussion; conclusion or closing and bibliography.
  5. Abstract (maximum 200 words) and keywords (maximum of 8 words) are written in English if the article is in Indonesian, and vice versa.
  6. The tables and graphic are written with 1 spacing distance, using Arial Narrow 11
  7. The bibliography is sorted alphabetically with no serial number, with a free order: author name, publishing year, book title, publisher name, publisher city.
  8. Excerpts do not include footnotes, but are integrated in text with book names (year and page).
  9. The content of the writing is not the responsibility of the editor. The editor is entitled to edit editorial without Replace the post.
  10. The writer attaches the identity at the end of article.